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I’m unsure how to really start this but I logged onto tumblr with the intentions of just posting a little note so everyone who follows me knows that I am okay. I clicked my messages and was kind of overwhelmed at the amount of really really nice things I’ve received since I took a hiatus from the internet.  I don’t want to get too personal here because my own private life is just that, private.  But when things in my head feel foggy sometimes I just need to step back and have some ‘me’ time.  Staying away from the internet for 2 weeks has been weird but it’s given me some time to kind of catch my breath and figure out some things.  I’ve had good days and bad days but what’s most important is that I am treating myself right.   I believe that I still need some time to focus on what I am doing over here and the internet is nothing but a distraction and a breeding ground for negative energy BUT I will start posting things again when I gather a few new things to post.  

This is a time of hibernation and creation for me (5 new songs are already written) so trust me when I say that when I start posting again you guys will all have some brand new things to see and hear.  I have never been more excited for the future than I am right now and I can’t wait to share with anyone who’ll listen what the outcome of this introverted fall will be.

In the meantime Love, Robot has two shows this month where I will be at so if you’re in NY stop by and say hello to me in real life!  

Thank you all for the support and love I’ve received, It’s so humbling to know I’ve touched lives the way other musicians have touched mine.  <3 

Photo by @samsanroman

Photo by @samsanroman

Bend and snap // @lovecommarobot practice

Bend and snap // @lovecommarobot practice

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